Monday, May 25, 2020


PURPOSE: To give the citizens of Mantorville Township a realistic expectation of the snow and ice removal services that will be provided during the winter season. This policy is based on a similar policy developed by the Dodge County Highway Department.                                  

GOAL: The general goal of the Township is to keep the township roads passable during the most heavily traveled periods of the week. Service is prioritized by traffic volume and the most logical routing pattern.           

OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES: The first priority is to make ALL roads passable. Once all roads are passable, the lanes will then be widened, and abrasive/chemical mixtures applied if necessary. Finally, additional clean up will be done, if time allows before the next snow.                 

Mantorville Township has only one operator, one snow plow, and one truck. Operator duty shifts must be limited to 12 hours per day for safety reasons, therefore in no case is 24 hour a day coverage provided. Icing bridges or snow drifting on roads are an expected aspect of winter travel and generally are not adequate justification to dispatch    the snow plow. Hours of operation will be determined by weather conditions and/or traffic volume. *The township will not be responsible for vehicles parked on township roads during snow removal emergencies.

Weekends and holidays will receive a reduced level of service, due to lower traffic volume and limited resources available. (We do not have access to sand/salt if our supplier is not open.) If the weather service has recommended no travel, it is assumed there will be low traffic volume, resulting in a lower level of service. Operations will be halted when conditions are too hazardous, or if reasonable accomplishments cannot be made. 

State statute 169.42 requires that NO snow be pushed onto township right of way.

EMERGENCY CALLS: Snow plows will not be dispatched at night on most roads except for true emergency calls such as assisting,  fire departments, ambulance crews, or searching for known stranded motorists.


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