Saturday, December 15, 2018

Winter: It’s mostly fun

It's been unbearably cold for the past few days. Just thinking about earlier last week and how it was in the 50's makes it feel like a completly different lifetime.

Usually I’m not one to complain about the cold, as it never really bothers me. What bothers me about this unwelcomed cold, though, is the fact that there is next to no snow on the ground. 

If there’s no snow, it’s not allowed to be cold. That’s how Mother Nature should work. 

Unfortunately for all of us it isn’t, and we’ll have to deal with the unbearable cold for now. We can only hope that snow will follow. 

Playing in the snow just seems to be a part of Christmas now, and missing out on snowmobiling again this year is something I can’t accept. 

My dad gave us snowmobiles when we were very young. Granted they weren’t technically “ours,” but we treated them as such. So, basically, we abused them. 

They were old to begin with, and what was the harm in driving a little too fast?

The thing that most people don’t realize is that it is really easy to increase your speed on a snowmobile. But decreasing? That’s a whole other lesson in and of itself. 

While I have taken basic safety classes on snowmobiling, and I do have the certificate to prove it, it doesn’t mean I’m not prone to getting hurt. It’s usually not my fault. 

We used to put sleds and tubes on the backs of our snowmobiles, and we did ‘doughnuts’ around the yard, trying to see who would fall out first. Surprisingly, I never got hurt. 

I’ve had plenty of encounters with trees though, and I can attest that running into a tree head-on at any speed hurts. 

There was also another time that I rode on the back of the sled while my brother was driving the snowmobile. Zach’s a little “brake happy” and will brake whenever he stops. After a while of driving you’re supposed to understand the distances needed to slow down and stop exactly where you need to. It’s like really quite unintentional math. 

Well let’s just say he doesn’t like math. 

He hit the brakes so fast the sled slid under the sled of the snowmobile, and my face got a great encounter with the back of a snowmobile. 

There was also another time my sister ran me over with a snowmobile, but that’s a whole other story to tell. 


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