Friday, August 14, 2020

Who would replace police?

There’s continued hysteria coming from various groups in our nation to abandon those who protect all the people of this nation. One must ask…and replace them with what?

Having two nephews in law enforcement, I am concerned for the safety of them and their fellow officers. Theirs is a dangerous occupation. The job is driving many good cops to leave their vocation due to the recent attacks, including last week’s killings of two officers in Texas.

Police officers slain in the line of duty nationwide have increased substantially since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by one officer facing second-degree murder charges.

Defunding, abolishing and destroying police departments has become the mantra of some cities controlled by leftists, such as Minneapolis, New York, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago. Rather than deal with police who have displayed bad behavior while on duty, leaders in these cities have chosen to advocate for doing away with police departments.

Minneapolis, where this conflagration began, has witnessed its city council voting to abolish their police department. Voters of Minneapolis will determine the plight of its police department in an election.

This insanity is unrivaled in modern history.

Police have been a thin blue line that has thwarted anarchy in this nation since its inception. If Minneapolis and other cities across this nation choose to dismantle law enforcement, the citizenry will be left with social workers to stand between violent perpetrators and people trying to raise their family in peace.

What are citizens of Minnesota, Dodge County and communities around us going to do if police, sheriff and highway patrol officers are given the boot?

Well, in the weeks following Mr. Floyd’s death, many citizens have chose to buy a gun with which to protect themselves in the event law enforcement is curtailed or abolished. Concerned citizens have been buying more than 3 million firearms since the pandemic and Mr. Floyd’s death at the hands of a renegade police office. More guns suggest that people are concerned for their own safety. They are alarmed by the rhetoric coming from leaders in large cities.

Many folks have concluded that if a call to 911 does not summon police to protect them, the next best thing is to arm themselves against the angry mobs rioting around the nation.

Those who consider arming of U.S. citizens should consider the St. Louis couple living in a gated community and chose to defend themselves against the angry mobs that had breached the gates. That couple, who chose to meet the mob threat by showing their firearms, is now the criminal in the mind of the district attorney.

That’s right, the folks who choose to defend themselves against forced intrusion are now considered criminals.

This is insanity!

Think it can’t happen in Dodge County? Think again. It can happen anywhere.

These radical groups have stated that they’re coming to rural America.


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