Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What does “sure” mean?

As a native of Rhode Island, I have to admit that I had to learn different terms when I moved to Minnesota.

I had to learn different terms like Uffda, had to learn that dinner time means noon hour, along with virtually a whole new vocabulary.

Even though we still speak primarily English in Rhode Island just like in Minnesota, words mean different things in Minnesota than they do in Rhode Island sometimes.

One of the words that I noticed has a different meaning in Minnesota is the word sure.

In Rhode Island, the word when used is a synonym for the word yes.

Simple enough.

After about 18 months of living in Minnesota though, I have come to the conclusion that “sure” means something different in Minnesota.

Recently I got into an argument with my girlfriend, a native of Southern Minnesota, about what the word actually means.

After arguing for a few weeks, on and off about the important topic, I knew that I needed to solve the argument by bringing the issue to a platform where all debates in 2019 can be solved.

I brought it to Facebook.

This weekend I posted the following on my Facebook: “Minnesota friends! I need to settle an argument. What does it mean if a Minnesotan says “sure.”

Instantly I got reactions from some of my Minnesota friends, who were more than willing to express their thoughts on the very significant issue.

Some of their responses were to the effect of depends on the context, they are being a passive aggressive person, and simply no.

Although, I still haven’t gotten a simple answer about what the word means in Minnesota, it reaffirmed my theory that it means something different than just yes in Minnesota.

My questions for our readers is what does the word “sure” mean in Minnesota?

Let me know via email, snail mail or the next time you see me out and about, let me know, because I want to know your thoughts!


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