Friday, August 14, 2020

A scary moment while in search of fair food

By now, everyone probably is aware of my love for the fairs. As many fair lovers are finding out this year, the COVID-19 pandemic is crimping our lifestyle for the summer.

On Saturday, I set out in the search of fair food to at least wet my appetite with some treats. I brought my oldest daughter and my parents along for the Drive-In Dairy Days at the Steele County Fairgrounds.

As soon as we got there, our eyes collectively zeroed in on the gyro stand. Despite the long line, we decided to jump in to wait for our gyros. Little did we know what was yet to come, a wait that would even test the most patient person in the world and a scary moment to top it off.

While my daughter and mother waited in line, I began snapping some photos and interviewing people at the promotion. I came back several times to check on them and it seemed like they had hardly moved an inch. I found I had plenty of time to get done what I needed.

I later found out there had at one time earlier in the day when as many as 75 people waited in line for gyros. Part of the problem was the gyro vendor was running the show by himself without any help, which, of course, slowed down everything tremendously.

Once they got closer to the window, I joined them in line. And it’s a good thing I did.

As I looked over at my mother, I noticed she was beginning to sway and stumble on her feet, giving the impression she was about to go down. I quickly grabbed onto her and we found a stool to have her sit down. No sooner had we done that, and she went completely out and starting turning colors. She fell backwards off the stool. Luckily, between my daughter and I, we were able to prevent her from falling hard onto the pavement.

A bystander quickly called 911 and within minutes Mayo Ambulance arrived to help my mom. I was relieved to see paramedic Rick Ellingson, whom I’ve gotten to know over the years, along with another paramedic. I knew my mother was in good hands.

It turned out my mother fainted from dehydration. She had been in the gyro line for almost two hours under a hot sun with no shade in sight. She had a water bottle, but unfortunately, had not taken a sip of it during the entire time. We quickly pumped her with some fluids and she sprung back to life in no time. After finding her vitals were normal, the paramedics gave her the clean bill of health to continue on with her evening still in search of fair food.

By now, we had reached the gyro window. Seeing what happened, the vendor was gracious enough to give my mother a gyro for her trouble. We jokingly told mom later that she’d do anything to get a free gyro. Our search for fair food turned up more than we bargained for, but mom is fine. We are just thankful it wasn’t something more serious.

I hope this also provides everyone with an important lesson. Do not mess around in warm temperatures and keep yourself hydrated with lots of fluids, particularly water.

And certainly it’s vital if you’re going in hot pursuit of more fair foods at other events throughout the summer.







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