Thursday, May 24, 2018

Residents confirm: Disney to film in Kasson

An older couple stopped by the DCI last week, and, after more than a little prodding by his wife, the husband – let’s call him Ole; he wouldn’t give us his real name – was still too stoic to tell us about the big something that was clearly on his mind.

So the wife, Lena – don’t use her real name either - pushed him out of the way and took over.

“So Disney’s coming here,” she said.

“Excuse us?” we said.

“Disney,” she said. “Movie. Big-time. You know. All that Hollywood stuff.”

“Uh … Excuse us?”

“Yup. Theaters. Movie.

Actors and actresses. All that stuff.”

“Oh, yah,” Ole said from the background, ignoring Lena’s dirty look. “It’s all true.”

We finally pieced it together: Disney will film a “dramedy”

– part drama, part comedy
– in Kasson, because one of the writers who pitched it to Hollywood has roots here: He’s Ole and Lena’s great-grandson.

Stoicism flows from generation to generation, never letting up. The grandson didn't want us to use his real name, in case the thing flops, so we'll call him Sven.

Sven confirmed that Disney plans to begin filming around town this spring, and it's hoped the movie can be in theatres across the country around Christmas 2018.

“Oh, sure,” he said in a conference call as Ole and Lena listened in. “Actors. Big-time. Emmys. Oscars. Lights. Cameras. All that stuff.”

“Excuse us?” we said.

“Oh, yah,” Ole said. “You just wait and see, then.”

Lena shot him a look. More piecing together.

It seems the Hollywood folks loved Sven’s idea - so much so that they’ve been living in Kasson for several months, blending in as “residents” while scoping out shooting sites.

He said they like downtown, the iconic 1895 water tower, Old City Hall, Daniel’s Restaurant, Erdman’s, the Dodge County Four Seasons Arena, Veterans Memorial North Park, the Kasson State Theatre, the DCI office –

“Heck, what don’t they like?” Ole interrupted.

“I know, right?” Lena said, and finally shared a smile with Ole.

Sven said the movie budget is “like, unlimited.” He wouldn’t give us the names of the A-List actors, but said we’ll all know them when we see them.

He said it’s got that one guy, who was in that thing last year, maybe two years ago.

“And you know the girl, right? The really, really tall one? With the dark hair, and all the tattoos? And everyone knows that one old guy who plays her dad. He’s been in a bunch of stuff,” Sven said.

Disney confirmed that the movie will be shot in Kasson. An executive we spoke with said the company is “thrilled” about its prospects, and that dozens of local residents may be recruited to act as extras.

He said several city streets may have to be closed off for production, which is estimated to take nine months.

 And, the executive said,  under condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to speak publicly, Disney will need to purchase or rent approximately 30 houses and/or apartments to house the cast and crew - and daily catering, portable toilets and entertainment will be needed for about 200 people.

The company said more  information will be released later this spring.

But readers can view a short “teaser” preview on Saturday at



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