Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Oh, Devil Sugar

If sugar is the devil, I've been in Deepest Heck since about Day One. 

I ate whole boxes of sugar-filled cereal as a kid. Became great friends with Tony the Tiger, Sonny the Cuckoo of Cocoa Puffs fame, and Toucan Sam of Froot Loops fame, then ran down to the neighborhood Mom and Pop grocery store to buy candy, and those little packets of baseball cards that contained big, chalky pieces of what they claimed was gum.

A buddy came over and showed me how to fill a glass full of sugar, then fill it with water, stir the concoction …  and … Enjoy!

In grade school some official visitors had us chew up little tablets or something. If your teeth turned red, you had cavities.

Red, red, red … and … yep, red.

They say dark chocolate’s good for you, so I have gobbled it down for years. Ignored the label showing 8,000 grams of sugar are in the mix.

The extra weight began to manifest itself in my 40s, and it just keeps manifesting. I know exercise is the key … and getting off the darn sugar, or at least reducing my intake.

Haven’t missed pop much. But, dang, there’s sugar in virtually everything – including fruit. Did you know there are 14 grams in a banana? Lordy.

A co-worker has a big container of chocolate cake in her office. There are little chocolate bars in a dish up front here at the DCI if you want to swing by and get it before I do.

I think sugar is not our friend, but he/she insists on our company.

Trying to be militant and rage against its evil presence. Actually, I’m doing OK, I think. At least partly ‘cause they tell me I’m pre-diabetic.

A big dose of sugar now can cause the ol’ blood sugar to rocket upward.

RUH-roh,  Scoob!

So, I’m planning to keep up this war effort, ‘cause I know You Know What is a really bad deal. It’s a killer.

So begone, Devil Sugar. Come again some other lifetime.

See ya!

Now, onto the battle against Devil Salt … and Meat … and Dairy …

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