Wednesday, June 3, 2020

COVID-19 leading to more than a few absurdities

Just last week I was discussing some of the absurdities showing up as a result of COVID-19 with Karen Jorgensen, DCI editor. One such example came to my attention from Wayne Hendrickson. In the email Wayne had sent to the staff, was a video of a woman demonstrating the flammability of hand sanitizer.

Duh! Most hand sanitizers are at least 70 percent alcohol. Alcohol (in the form of ethanol) is blended with gasoline and used in internal combustion engines.

It’s as though everyone has finally caught on to miniscule bits of information and “spread” their discoveries on YouTube, Facebook or other social media outlets.

Some of the less intelligent national media celebrities were claiming that President Trump was advocating the use of Lysol internally to kill the coronavirus. Trump’s comments were taken it out of context and the national media ran with it whether there’s a shred of truth to it or not. (No surprise there.)

Think about the different solutions being touted by the “medical experts” who were, earlier in the pandemic, suggesting that up to 240,000 Americans could die because of the virus.

On a lighter note, I have been noticing, as I’m sure many you have, that the 1980s mullet has returned among men in need of a barber’s sheers. In fact, it’s like watching a Mel Gibson, Danny Glover “Lethal Weapon” flick. Gibson wore his mullet with the swagger of a deranged Hollywood cool dude.

From mullets to chocolate chip banana bread was the topic of discussion when KMTelecom’s Jennifer Galloway was in the office last Thursday to test the DCI phone system.

She and Karen struck up a conversation. Jennifer and her daughter were experimenting with baking chocolate chip banana bread, cookies and other treats in their kitchen that they had never tried until the “lock down” and social distancing. Mother and daughter were taking time for experimenting with on-the-job chocolate chip banana bread baking.

That’s one of the positive consequences of the restrictions.

There are those in the county, at least 19, who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Those of us who were not among the unfortunate 19, went about our normal routines as much as was allowed by Gov. Walz dictates. Then, on Thursday afternoon, Gov. Walz extended the prison sentences of Minnesotans to May 18. At which time he may or may not extend this again.

If someone knows of a person in the county (or Byron) who had COVID-19 and survived this ugly virus, please contact Karen Jorgensen and share your story.

Until we’re back to what the NEW normal might be, stay safe and be well out there.


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