Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wonder Woman

Step aside, boys, a new hero’s arrived to save the summer. Wonder Woman is as invincible as the heroine herself.

After making her first film appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot is back as the sword-wielding Amazon in her own movie. The plot tells the story of how Diana, daughter of the Amazonian Queen Hippolyta, grows up to become the iconic Wonder Woman we know and love. It’s a journey that takes her from Themyscira, home of the Amazons, through 1900’s London, and to the trenches of WWI. She seeks to kill Ares, the Greek god of war, hoping that his death will bring an end to mankind’s love of war.

This is a wondrous movie. After bleak superhero fare like Suicide Squad and the laughably grim Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman is a return to classic fan favorite features like color and say, humor.

The Amazonian princess isn’t a brooding loner. She’s an optimist who cares deeply for people and hopes for the best of humanity, even as she fights the worst of it. Rather than trivializing her conflict, this hopeful approach over the cynical, raises the stakes and furthers the audience’s investment. We care because she cares.

Director Patty Jenkins excellently paced the film. The plot never bogs itself down by lingering too long on a moment or idea. It assumes its audience is smart enough to understand a point without being beaten over the head with it.

This is a heartfelt and entrancing movie for everyone. Go see this movie, no caveat needed.

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